How to Look Great in Your Bikini by Labor Day

In case you forgot, Labor Day is around the corner, which means beer, bbq and babes in bikinis (that’s you!). So, if you’ve slacked off your workout regimen, but still need to look bangin’ in your bathing suit, then the answer is that you've got to get the eating under control.

You’ve got 14 days to work off the weight, so add these simple steps to your diet and feel better about yourself when you lose the cover-up (c'mon, it's only two weeks).

(Expert tip: try to wear wedges with your bikini, they make you stand up straighter, make your legs look leaner and they won’t sink into the sand)
  • Swap 2 regular beers for 2 light ones. Saves 100 calories
  • Order thin-crust pizza, not regular. Saves 151 calories
  • Take the top off a chicken breast sandy on sourdough; add a slice of lowfat Swiss cheese and heat for an open-face panini. Saves 137 calories
  • Dress salad with 2 tablespoons lowfat balsamic, not Caesar, and add 1 tbsp Parmesan. Saves 115 calories
  • Munch on 1 cup air-popped popcorn, not chips. Saves 123 calories
  • Have a bowl of Fiber One and Silk Soy Milk Light (add a Sweet 'N Low & some cinnamon for a tasty breakfast treat).  Saves 150 calories
  • Grease pans with cooking spray, not oil. Saves 100 calories
  • Enjoy pasta with 1 cup tomato sauce and 1 tbsp Parmesan, instead of Alfredo. Saves 101 calories
  • Have half a bagel instead of a whole one. That leaves room for 1 tbsp PB and 1 cup OJ. Saves 127 calories
  • Top fro yo with fresh berries, and skip the chocolate chips and crumbled graham crackers. Saves 114 calories

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