How to Get Schooled

Is hard to stomach that your old alma mater is in session and you are chained to your job? Despite the deep feelings of despair bubbling in your belly, it is important to keep it professional at the office (read: don't even think about bringing a "college collage" mug to work).

While we recommend embracing your new stage of life, we have delicate decorative suggestions to outfit your apartment to lessen your anxiety and enhance your nostalgia.
Go Greek
Get your party on college style with monogrammed shot glasses ($5 Pour a shot for your sista and go wild - just remember you have work on Monday.

Sweet Dreams
Oh, those college nights!  Fall asleep to your best memories in scrub jammies from SassyScrubs ($34 ).  Don't sweat it in sweats, step up your style with these fun and flirty pjs.

365 Days of Friends

Custom calendars are a fun way to integrate your homies into your home without hanging a hundred photos (or those terrible & tacky cork boards).  Make your own montage with ShutterFly ($8) and have it shipped to your apartment so you can have a daily reminder of the golden days.

Golden Oldies
If you have to move forward in life, at least you can enjoy a little jewelry.  Have your friend chip in for matching silver cuffs, and get them engraved with a personalized message.  This updated version of a friendship bracelet can be worn with other bracelets, for a subtle reminder of your girls.

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