How to Get Your Holiday Glow On

Confession - I can't seem to kick my "Gossip Girl" habit.  While catching up on this insufferable car wreck of a series, I sat shaming myself for tolerating this garbage, yet I couldn't take my eyes off the plump, polished pout of these 20-somethings (pretending to be teenagers).

Watching these starlets spew such atrocious dialogue, it seems like a waste of velvety lip products.  

To get this special effect at home begin with L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm.  Before you can build a perfect pucker, you need to repair and nourish dry lips.  Begin with a moisturizing balm formulated with shea butter for instant hydration.

This year, L'Occitane is introducing four new holiday gift sets inspired by the scents of the season.  The collections began in a small village in the south of France, at a fragrance distillery, Confiserie Florian - famous for transforming fruits and flowers into sweet, mouth-watering delights, you are sure to find these kits magnifique.  

L’Occitane Holiday Confiserie Délice des FruitesLemon & Clementine: This collection of fragrant treats exposes the delicious aromas that escape from the copper pans where sun-drenched citrus fruits are blended with sugar. These products contain lemon and clementine essential oils. The collection includes a Lip Balm, Shower Jelly, Body Cream, Perfumed Soap, Bath Ball, Hand Cream, Sweet Candle and a Home Perfume Diffuser. ($4 to $35)

L’Occitane Holiday Confiserie Délice des FleursRose & Violet: The floral fragrance collection is inspired by the delicious scent of rose and violet petals that have been carefully draped in sugar. These products contain rose and violet leaf absolutes. The collection includes an Eau de Toilette, Solid Perfume, Shower Jelly, Body Milk, Hand Cream and Lip Gloss. ($10 to $42)

L’Occitane Hand Cream Bouquet
: Hands are the most hardworking tool we have and deserve protection and luxury. L’Occitane presents a collection of everyone’s favorite hand creams in an assortment of scents inspired by the Mediterranean. The set features the best-selling hand cream from L’Occitane in 6 amazing scents: Cocoa Flower, Hibiscus Flower, Desert Rose, Shea Butter, Shea Vanilla and Pivoine Flora. ($50)

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hugs & Kisses Duo: The perfect nourishing embrace in stocking-loving sizes. Each set features a Shea Butter Hand Cream and Shea Butter Lip Balm. These sets are available in Desert Rose, Hibiscus, Cocoa Flower and our #1 best-selling classic Shea Butter. ($19)

For more information and to scoop up these delicious treats, check out Loccitane.com

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