How to Survive the Office Holiday Party in Style

In case you've never experienced an office holiday party, let us tell you from experience, they are pretty awesome.  Sure, there is the occasional office drunk who ends up making out with a stranger in the copy room (DO NOT BE THAT PERSON), but it is a time to kick back with your colleagues and build up the gossip arsenal for the rest of the year.  

Trust us, there are a lot of Do's and Don'ts to follow, but you know we would never leave you hanging.  This week, we are beginning our beauty and style list (and checking it twice) to help you survive the office holiday party season in style...and hopefully get promoted by May.

1. Transform You Makeup from Day to Night
Go ahead, this is your once chance to get glam at work.  Rich, red lips are a fast way to brighten your smile, but be careful to avoid lipstick on your teeth.

2. Keep Snack Bars in your Bag
Plan on excessive calorie consumption these next few weeks, so to save on a few empty calories stock up on snack bars and gum.  Balance your appetite before the big shin dig so you won't be the porker who mauled the buffet.

3. Drinks are to be Enjoyed, not Abused
Feel free to get your buzz on, but just because you are boozing with your coworkers, doesn't mean they will forget everything in the morning.  Take it easy, chat up your boss, then let loose at the after party.

4. Keep your Hands to Yourself
You are going to have to see these guys tomorrow, so no hanky panky at the party.  Even if you are having a secret affair with the IT guy (and he better be really, really cute), now is not the time to reveal your secret.

5. Don't Overstay your Welcome
End the party on a high note, and don't be the last person to leave.  Head to the door, and keep 'em wanting more.  

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