How to Rock the Water Cooler (er, Single Cup Keurig)

You knew when you woke up that you wanted to contribute to the water cooler conversation, then you better brush up on the Kardashian divorce announcement and Jessica Simpson's pregnancy reveal.

We have a better alternative, how about you talk about bazaar ways to burn calories?
Now that Halloween is over, you have no excuse to hoard that candy in your house. Time to toss the treats and stock up on bananas, apples and peppermint.

According to the Wall Street Journal, certain scents can help stimulate the "satiety center," or the part of your brain that tells you when you are full. All you have to do is SMELL the fruit five minutes before you chow down, and your appetite will be suppressed. The effect is triggered by the Olfactory's reaction to the outside of the peels. The body adjusts fast, so scientists recommend trying a variety of scents to avoid becoming accustomed to any one causing the magic it to lose its effectiveness.

Before you invest in Chiquita, nutritionists and doctors who specialize in weight loss say the research conducted so far isn't convincing.

Oh well, could be worth 49 cents at the bodega, and if it doesn't work, eat that banana!

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