How to Transform Your Apartment through Scent

The power of scents can instantly awaken memories from your subconscious.  Happy times like celebrating with family and laughing with friends can immediately return with a whiff of warm pie, toasted marshmallow or gentle vanilla aroma.

We know you aren’t going to pull out the apron and whip up a gourmet dessert just like momma, so we’ve found some decadent candles to do the hard work, so we can reap the benefits.

Unwind After a Stressful Day
Lavanila’s The Healthy Candle ($12;
This all-natural, non-allergenic, non-toxic & eco-friendly, beeswax blend candle burns clean to create a safe, healthy and delicious environment.  Unwind with the relaxing benefits of Vanilla Lavender without exposing yourself to harmful smoke, pollutants, toxins or soot into the air you breathe.

Crisp Apples on a Cool Autumn Day
Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon pumpkin Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Awaken each morning with soft bursts of lightweight foam to gently wash away dirt and germs. The enchanting scent of sweet cinnamon and pumpkin will make you want to keep scrubbing all morning. Don't worry, after you wash off the cleanser your face will not smell like a leftover pie - the scent washes away with the cleanser. Use daily for soft and clean skin.

Singing Songs ‘Roung the Campfire
Slatkin & Co. Marshmallow Fireside ($19.50;
Don’t try to cam in the woods of Central Park unless you want to meet some angry cops who will give you a plethora of tickets for trespassing and attempted arson.  If you want to enjoy your own fireside treat, it’s best to cuddle on the couch with the smell of toasted marshmallows.  This warm and inviting candle smells of marshmallows, sweet vanilla cream wrapped in the aroma of rich smoldering woods.

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