Spotlight on Success: PR Guru Alle Fister

At this point in your career, you may find you are working hard without making much headway.  Sometimes you need a little inspiration, so to reignite your fire, we sat down with public relations maven, Alle Fister founder of Bollare Communications.  She once sat in your position, but she knew there was a way to get on the express elevator to success.  We wanted to share her inspiring story, so like her, you can mustered up the confidence to follow your dreams and pursue your passions.

Check out our one-on-one with Alle:

How did know to trust your instincts and pursue your dream job (starting Bollare)?

I have had the unique opportunity to be surrounded by some great and very impactful business innovators including Bob Lamey (Principal founder of to my father, Mike Fister, known as a wonderful servant-leader in the tech space.  From these leaders, whom have been especially shaping, to fellow PR gals, editors, bloggers and the like, I really TRY to learn from everyone- whether learning from the good or the bad…what I want to be like or what I’d like to try and avoid...  Across the board, the resounding advice and counsel extracted is you’ll much more deeply regret what you DID NOT try versus the plunges you push yourself towards!

I was one of the initial employees at women’s online retailer – heading our PR and spokesperson efforts.  The company enjoyed great success, and was acquired by Amazon six years ago.  In this transition, I founded Bollare Communications (meaning ‘to brand’ in Italian) with Shopbop as our first account!

Through the advisement and coaching of some of the influential people noted above, we’ve grown Bollare into a thriving organization that I proudly call my place of employment and ‘dream job’! ;)

What is the best perk of your job?
That I shape my own destiny and day.  The entrepreneurial spirit and understanding that we can ‘figure it out’ and often better, smarter and faster than the time before is so motivating and rewarding!  I believe that we instill and magnify this spirit with those whom work at Bollare and whom we work with as clients and friends, and that is the BEST feeling...!

Who is your greatest career influence?
My father and advisor, Mike Fister.  My father has had a wonderfully successful career in the tech space, managing thousands of people on his ‘teams’- and although he has had very high-powered roles, he has always been known as accessible, relatable, in-the-trenches WITH the team.  It is inspiring and a personality trait I hope to emulate with my team and our growing organization.

What career advice do you wish you had when you were just starting out?
Focus on the war and not the battles.  It is easy to get caught up in the minutiae but stay focused on your goals (first you have to set them though- we’re big on goals at Bollare) and work towards reaching them versus spend precious time getting caught up in the ‘small stuff’.

When was a time you had to Fake It, Til You Made It?
Everyday!  Everyday we learn and grow- once we stop pushing ourselves, we become stagnant and boring!  It is great to always be slightly uncomfortable, try the things we find intimidating, as once we do, we often see that we’re absolutely capable of not only getting them done, but getting them done WELL!

We know you just got married and heard you were a stunning bride, so we need the scoop on your big day...

Who made your dress? Paloma Blanca

Where did you get married and how did you pick the venue? Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, California.  We chose Shutters for the venue location for it’s beautiful proximity to the beach (as the groom is a Hawaii beach-boy!) and luxurious ease! 

How did you pick your hair?  Working with hair guru- Jeffrey Paul made the process FUN and easy!  I wore my hair down, wanted to look like the best version of my everyday self.  I wore Plumerias in my hair in tribute to the groom’s recently-passed grandfather whom he was very close to- another ‘Hawaii boy’!

What was your favorite part of the day? Being married to my best bud!  My husband, Don, still feels funny typing HUSBAND!, is SUCH a catch whom I feel so lucky to have found!

What was your favorite memory? The surreal feeling of walking down the aisle with my dad!

How did you juggle running a business while planning a wedding?  Time management!  My husband and I are both entrepreneurs, so when planning the special day, we wanted to work with entrepreneurial vendors, especially those whom the we have personal relationships with; making sure the event stayed personal and special for us and all involved!  Working with people we trust and love made the process super smooth- that plus my mother and sister (Maid of Honor) were amazing and FUN to plan with!

Now our Lightening Round, we can't let you go before finding out your favorite... 

Beauty product? GHD Flatiron!  It is practically an appendage- cannot live without it!

Restaurant? Nobu – I am a sucker for their seared fishes!

Trend? This season’s mid-height heels, I’m already 5’10”!
Book? Keel’s Simple Diary – a fun piece of interactive, fashion, literature!

Phrase? Fake it til you Make it! ;) ...and nice girls CAN finish FIRST!

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