When is Too Early for a Nip & Tuck?

Just like most girls living in NYC, we suffer from a healthy dose of narcissism.  So when we were given a free skincare consultation at Sadick Dermatology Group (911 Park Avenue) we couldn’t resist.  As a beauty expert with a rigorous daily skincare routine, could my report be anything other than perfect?  All day our anxiety battled our curiosity, and at 7pm, curiosity won.

We were ushered into a sterile, albeit impeccably decorated screening room.  Under the intense rays of the overhead spotlight, I began thinking “Sure, I have some under eye fatigue – who doesn’t?... and those lines on my forehead - they ALWAYS been there, right?”

According to my consultant, Dr. Marion Shapiro, it doesn’t matter if it’s genetic or the effects of aging, anything can be fixed!  When she asked if we wanted the truth, we said BRING IT ON.

She recommended some under eye fillers (Juvederm) to fill out the trough (A trough? Really?!), and then suggested some preventative botox to smooth out my forehead (or five-head, or six-head if we are really counting lines).  Despite all the opportunities for improvement, the overall meeting was fun.

Although it is glamorous to live the life of a Park Avenue Princess, in the meantime, we are going to hold off the ‘Tox. 

In the meantime, we’ll stick to Park Avenue Prescription ($70, Sephora), to get our glow on.  This trio of high-tech anti-aging products from the Sadick Dermatology Group literally refreshes the skin up on contact.  The entire regimen lasts one month, but after only three days we began to notice a softer & brighter complexion.

In case you were wondering, yes, the “fine lines” are still there, so when we meet up, please don’t stare at my forehead – sorry, I’m still a narcissist.

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