How to Stay Dry This Spring

Spring is a season for unexpected style choices, but just when you think it’s warm enough to break out your new sleeveless Alice + Olivia Tory Peplum Dress, Mother Nature proves you wrong.  From March through May, the temperature rises 30 degrees in the sun, and plummets in the shade, and spontaneous showers instantly spoil hours of primping. 

My biggest gripe of spring is unseasonal sweating.  I hate a long walk to the subway that starts with me bundled under my shearling coat, gloves and scarf, and ends with me half-naked, drenched in sweat, schlepping everything in my carryall.  No matter the month, this miserable moisture is always a fashion faux pas.  Instead of filling your shirt with tissues, or airing out your underarms on the sidewalk, let me fill you in on my sweat-stopping miracle worker.  It’s Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant from Dove to the rescue.

This powerful anti-perspirant provides prescription strength wetness prevention (without a prescription!) AND helps reduce red and dark marks caused by shaving irritation using unique Dove moisturizers.

Really, there is nothing more disgusting than showing up for a meeting drenched in sweat, so keep an extra stick in your desk and bag for some extra protection on the go. 

What’s your worst sweat story, let us know!?

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