What to Know Before a Fashion or Beauty Industry Job Interview

ATTENTION PEOPLE LOOKING FOR FASHION OR BEAUTY JOBS: Sure the job market is improving – especially if mommy and daddy play golf with the CEO of an influential company.  For the rest of you, coveted jobs in the fashion and beauty industry do not grow on trees.  If you are looking for a new job this spring, now is the time to network, update your resume and amp up your…skincare routine? 

Yep, don’t ever forget that first impressions (especially during interviews) are lasting impressions.  Sure you may be more than qualified, but if your crusty face makes the interviewer want to vom (apologies for the revolting mental image), then you aren’t getting the job.

Bad News: During the springtime, due to higher allergen and pollen counts in the air, your skin is more vulnerable to blemishes and irritation.  This means more imperfections, larger pores and unattractive faces in interviews.

Quick Tip: Two weeks before your interview add a multi-tasking cleanser to your evening skincare regimen.  We love Bioré® 4-in-1 Detoxifying Cleanser because it cuts your routine down to one step – gently removing dirt, oil and makeup from skin without over-drying or stripping away natural oils.  Simple skincare means you’ll actually use it.

Always Wear Lip Gloss! Before you walk through the front doors and say hello to the receptionist (be sure to chat her up, because she is the eyes and ears of the office), put on some lip gloss.  No matter how frazzled you may feel on the inside, appearing perfectly polished will speak volumes about your composure under pressure.

Another Life Lesson: FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT, duh! Appear poised, competent and qualified and you are halfway there.  DO NOT talk about your boyfriend, parties or dream jobs in other industries (companies don’t want to waste their time training you if you are going to leave when something better comes along).

Don’t Forget: turn every negative into a positive attribute.  If you are nervous, say so and explain it is because you are excited and really want the job (make that clear) – you don’t want them to think your fast-talking, eye-twitching behaviors are permanent.  When they ask about your greatest weakness DO NOT SAY YOU ARE A PERFECTIONIST – this is a copout and the interviewer will probably get annoyed.

Leave on a high note:  I was sitting in Union Square eavesdropping on a girl interviewing for a part time job at Lulu Lemon.  When the interview was done, she followed the woman out of the park and went into a spiel about her tenacity and willingness to work all hours.  I wanted to scream, “you already told her that, and this is getting awkward.”  It was pathetic, she instantly went from a qualified candidate to an annoying employee who wouldn’t stop talking.  Moral of the story: demonstrate your strengths with real life experiences not unnecessary jabbering that makes everyone nearby hate you - after you say goodbye, walk away.

Send a Thank You Note: Send a brief hand written thank you note simply stating that you really want the job.

That about sums it up – follow these steps and you’ll be surprised that you get called back for a second interview, then land a job.

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