How to Get Bright White Teeth Without a Trip to the Traditional Dentist?

I have a gripe about going to the dentist (shocking, right?), but what I hate the most is when the tooth enamel experts try to upsell me on every service.  C’mon I have healthy teeth in my genes – there is no way I need to fill all those “pre-cavities” – especially when they don’t exist!

Well the whitening wizards at Lavaan must have heard my rants because they are now introducing LAVAAN, New York City’s first dental spa.  Literally, all they do is specialize in premium dental cleaning and whitening (BOOOOM - picture Dry Bar for your pearly whites).  

Everyone new to the city is always searching for a reliable dentist and it’s easy to put your trust in these two NYU Dental School trained professionals. 

What’s their story?
While working at various dental offices in recent years, Dr. Michelle Katz and her husband, Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport found that many people enjoy having their teeth cleaned, but the overall perception of a visit to the dentist’s office is quite negative.  They decided that the only way to change the way people view dental hygiene is to change the way people experience it.  Following the success of niche businesses, the couple decided to create a dental business that specializes in whitening and cleaning onlyNo drills, no needles, no stress – just clean, white smiles in a relaxing, spa-like environment.

Sounds enticing, but what will this set me back?
An intense cleaning to reveal a brilliant smile before a big event costs about $89 (much less than a regular dentist office), and whitening treatments between $295-$395 (again significantly less than a dentist’s office using the same equipment/whitening systems). 

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