What can you do with next day hair?

If you are like me, you probably plan your workouts / parties / cocktail hours around your blow out schedule, but what should you do after the finesse fades?

Turns out, second day hair is the best for styling.  It’s like painting with a primed canvas, only prepped for style. 

Our friends at mark shared the scoop for a fast fix to reanimate tired tresses for sassy second day style.

STEP #1: My hair was totally dry and pulled into a knotty bun, so the stylist had her work cut out for her.  She began by rehydrating my hair with mark curl to curl.  She misted about 5-10 spritzes from the roots to the tips to reactivate and soften strands.

STEP #2: The stylist then used a paddle brush to fluff up my heavy hair and spread the de-frizzing nutrients throughout my growing fro.

STEP #3: I then flipped back my mop and let her tame my wild flyaways with mark curl commander.  She put a nickel-sized dot of product on her palms, spread it evenly, and then grabbed fistfuls of hair and held it until the style set.  She promised that the healthy ingredients like jojoba oil and goji berry would leave my hair bouncy and soft (not stiff or sticky).

STEP #4: Enter curling wand – she broke out a curling iron without the clip and gently wrapped small pieces around the scalding rod for loose beachy waves.  She revealed a insider tip for a quick coif: don’t waste time underneath pieces, instead only curl the top layers that you can see.

STEP #5: Last, she spread her fingers and ran them through my hair to separate the spirals for a loose, airy effect.  She set the style with mark locks in place.  I usually hold my breath to avoid filling my lungs with noxious plumes of product, but unlike other hairsprays, this mist was not harsh or abrasive.  The aerosol was light, gentle and added body for a voluminous finish.

OVERALL: I loved the tussled beachy look, and despite the horrible humidity outside, my style stayed put for the rest of the night.
For more information or to purchase mark products visit:  meetmark.com

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