How to Get a Radiant Faux Glow

We can all agree spring is here, so it's time to show some skin.  Wherein lies the conundrum: which is worse pale legs, rancor fakebake smell, or tanning beds.  Great news, toss out the equation, and heat up your regiment with a foolproof glow with Jergens Natural Glow. 

This year the line is reformulated to remove the sunless tanner odor.  After 7 years in the lab, the collection is now enhanced with breakthrough odor-reducing technology, delivering the same signature color and benefits that have set Jergens® Natural Glow apart from the beginning—now without the malodor.

These gradual-tanning products will make you feel instantly more confident and beautiful.

A-listers like Brittany Snow, Catt Sadler and Nina Dobrev are loving this line.  These style icons all turn to Natural Glow for a red carpet-worthy glow without the downside of sunless tanners, from streaky color to orangey hues to that sunless tanner smell.

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