What Age Should You Start Using Eye Creams?

It should come as no surprise that the best way to make your makeup look outstanding is to start with a clean, healthy canvas.  For this reason, we are encouraging all of our friends, even as young as 23 years old, to begin using eye creams to develop good habits and reduce puffiness and irritation.  In addition to actively focusing on stiffening your crows feet (i.e.: wear sun glasses and avoid squinting), these power products will help prevent the damage to reveal bright, shiny eyes.
COOLA’s Environmental Repair Plus Calm Glow Eye Gel
A critical piece of naturally excited eyes is calming the surrounding area.  This soothing eye gel firms and protects eyes with Rose Flower Water, Rye Seed Extract, Black Currant Extract and Linseed Extract.  It does not feel heavy or gloopy on your skin thanks to a lightweight, oil-free gel that keeps moisture in and pollutants out. The protective barrier technology reduces redness and inflammation while shielding skin from damaging irritants. Added bonus, this product reduces redness and calms skin after waxing, peeling or sunburn.
Price: $56 at

Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream
When your fast-passed lifestyle begins to take a toll on your morning after, you may need to reexamine your beauty routine.  We love Shiseido’s correcting cream because it acts like a cooling treatment that magically reduces dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness – without asking you to give up your social life.  Give your eye area some TLC, then go out for a drink to celebrate.
Price: $40 at (hitting shelves in September)

vbeauté Eye Never
Say “Eye Never” to lines, puffiness and dark circles!  We always love Eye Never because is like an eye lift in a jar.  The active and potent ingredients soften the lines of today and help prevent the muscle contractions that lead to tomorrow’s wrinkles.  It also helps with sagging and brightening dark circles.  Eye Never is your victory over time.  Key ingredients include Nylon 12, Cellintegrity, Youth Blossom, Caffeine and Sensytens. 
Price: $43 at

Supergoop! SPF 37 Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream
This proprietary patent-pending formula defends delicate eye area from skin-aging damage while reducing the appearance of dark circles with the light-diffusing mica mineral.
Price: $45 at
Aveda Green Science Firming Eye Crème
Moisturizes, helps smooth fine lines and reduces appearance of puffiness and dark circles.  This luxury formula contains lady's thistle, organic argan oil and cactus to moisturize skin and smooth fine lines. Plus you can count on peptides and plant-derived buckwheat wax help to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  This product feels great on your skin and makes you look forward to the process each morning. 
Price: $47 at

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