What are the Best Products to Unclog Pores After Slathering on SPF All Day?

You always hear the warnings to apply sunscreen then reapply, reapply, reapply every 2-3 hours, but did you ever stop to wonder what does all that lotion do to your pores after the sun goes down? 

Dr. Neal Schultz, MD shed some light on our sunscreen issue and mused that the technology in your sunscreen is only active for several hours, however the lotions and sprays continue to coat your skin until they are properly removed.  According to the good doctor, “at the end of the night, you do still need to wash your face.” 

With this in mind, we rounded up some of our favorite skin care products, for the face and body, that cleanse and revitalize skin to ward off clogged pores and environmental toxins. 

Advanced Therapy for the Face
We love Beauty RX Advanced Exfoliating Therapy Pads, because they are a one-stop-shop for cleaning the skin without making a giant mess.  These pads easily remove the layer of dead skin cells to reveal your radiant, healthy skin without the harsh side-effects associated with physical exfoliants.  They contain pH-adjusted and buffered 10% glycolic acid, plus BeautyRx's scientifically developed proprietary compound Tetrafoliant for more beautiful, healthier skin.

Daily Dose of Fruit Does a Body Good
Fruit does the body good, so the powerful combination of Grapefruit & Geranium in this Avalon Organics body wash is perfect dose of nutrients and nature.  This gentle, yet effective botanical body wash is filled with essential oils, penetrates the skin to rid your body of its daily dose of bacteria while rejuvenating extra dry skin.  Say bye-bye to left over lotion and welcome the refreshing feeling of clean, healthy skin.

Make the Most of Your Beauty Sleep
Even if you aren’t getting 8 hours of rest, you can still be a sleeping beauty by applying a nightly serum to repair daily damage.  One advanced line we love is Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care.  This innovative brand created a Recovery Night Moisture Serum to help skin recover from sun and environmental damage.  The product contains enzymes, amino acids and peptides to stimulate rejuvenation efforts while promoting your natural anti-aging defenses.  Go ahead, hit the snooze a couple more times.

Don’t Forget about Your Follicles
The sun and salty-air can take a toll on your scalp and hair, so minimize the damage with Yes to Blueberries Healthy Hair Repair Regimen.  This shampoo + conditioner duo is formulated with blueberries to protect hair with anti-oxidant superpower, clover flower with its healing properties to mend damaged locks and sunflower which is packed with fatty acids to restore shine and protect against breakage.  Cancel your salon appointment, because for only $15 bucks, you have the brand’s guarantee for clinically proven to make hair look healthier in 7 days.

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