How to Make Sparks Fly on Your End-of-Summer Getaway

August may not have been a sweltering month, but if you are planning an end-of-summer getaway then you better be prepared for things to heat up a notch.  The last weekend of summer is synonymous with “unexpected hookups” that have been in the works since Memorial Day.  So far we’ve been invited to four weddings of couples that met in their summer share houses.

With that in mind, we encourage you to be prepared for romantic romps in the boudoir.  We wanted to find out the best products to pack for the weekend, so we connected with Emily Morse, a sexpert with a doctorate in human sexuality who is the new face of Emily & Tony (yep, Tony as in Anthony Brands).  Emily and Anthony grew up in the same town in MI and even attended the same sleep-away camp (Camp Tamakwa in Ontario, Canada), but it was years before the real sparks flew – cosmetically, of course!

The pair, each on top of their respective industries, decided to make their platonic friendship a benefit for others. Together they created, Emily & Tony, a premium, intimate personal-care brand that believes intimacy should be fun, flirty, sensual and natural.

Emily & Tony products are multi-sensory and effective. They are developed to heighten and enhance the sexual and sensual experience for men, women and couples.  The line-up includes scented massage candles, a personal lubricant and DownUnder Comfort, a cream-to-powder formula that helps keep your intimate areas dry, comfortable, fresh and clean. The products will satisfy, impress and stimulate you and your partner.

The packaging is simple and clean, modern with an edge and gender neutral, which means your spot won’t be blown if you leave the tube on your bedside table.

This line is especially arousing because the products are strategically produced with ingredients that are as good for you as they make you feel.  The entire line is made from all natural ingredients, are paraben-free and they are never tested on animals.

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