How to Snag Sexy, Shiny Curls in 10-Minutes

We recently attended a party where the host had a head full of sultry curls.  Enamored with her swanky style we begged for the inside scoop, and it turned out, her secret was a15-minute beauty breakthrough.  Our elegant hostess introduced me to the Curl Secret from Infiniti Pro by Conair. This one-of-a-kind styling tool gently draws hair into its exclusive tourmaline ceramic curl chamber without putting too much tension on hair.

At first we were slightly skeptical, after all we are loyal users of curling irons.  So what if they sometimes singe our hair or that corkscrew curls look like limp spaghetti after 15-minutes in the summer heat.  The argument seemed weak, so we stepped up to the challenge of attaining the perfect curl.  In a shorter time than ordering Chinese food on seamless web, we had perfectly tamed tresses and a crisp new look for fall.

STEP #1: Begin with clean, dry hair (lazy glitterati trick: go to sleep with wet hair, then run a brush through your mop in the morning).

STEP #2: Separate hair into small sections that are roughly the width of a pencil.   Helpful hint: the longer your hair, the smaller the section.

STEP #3: Position hair in the unit with opening of curl chamber facing towards your roots.

STEP #4: Close the handle and watch hair get drawn into the curl chamber. Don’t be alarmed when your hair gets sucked into the mechanism – THAT’S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!  The section is surrounded by heat from all directions.  Helpful hint: for tighter spirals set timer to 12-second setting.

STEP #4 ½: If you’ve taken too much hair or if hair is not neatly going through the center of the appliance the device will begin to beep to indicate a problem.  This anti-tangle feature was designed to immediately stop drawing the hair in and reverse to a neutral position.  (FULL DISCLOSURE: this happened to me about 3x on my first attempt.  Then I had to pull out my scraggly curl and start the strand over.) 

STEP #5: Hold until you hear a series of rapid beeps which signals the curl is ready. Release for flawless curls, each one as consistently perfect as the one before.

STEP #6: Take your a sexy but polished style out on the town for an awesome night with your friends.

Check out this clip to see the Curl Secret from Infiniti Pro by Conair in action:

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