How to Please the Perfectionist Hostess

Labor Day is upon us, and as with all long weekends, invitations for city escapes are inevitable.  You know you shouldn’t arrive empty handed, but what can you get for a hostess who not only has everything, but impossibly high standards.    

One suggestion: Bath & body products.  These gifts are always appreciated by both hosts and guests, so with this in mind, where do you turn if you don’t have time to make it to your local apothecary?  We came across the Essence of Beauty Fine Fragrance Bath & Body Collection which looks luxe and scent-sational, yet won’t break the bank.  

Impress your hostess with the help of the brand's master perfumers who drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including the duality of natural wilderness and chemistry, famed cities and exotic locations, and the imagined scents of a special photograph, childhood story, or time period in life. 

The Essence of Beauty Fine Fragrance Collection now consists of fourteen distinct scent offerings, including four new master-crafted scents and the Shea Indulgence treatment line.
  • Secret Woods: Evoking the alluring mystery of a hidden forest, mesmerizing pomegranate, soft jasmine petals, and warm vanilla musk entice and intrigue you.
  • Forever Paris: Like a new romance blossoming in the world’s most famous city of love, decadent Parisian roses, just-blushing tulips and notes of strawberry sweep you off your feet.
  • Wind Kissed: Spring flowers dance delicately in the breeze as cotton flower, mimosa and white amber combine in calming harmony.
  • In The Tropics: Like the tropical spirit found at the heart of the islands, pink grapefruit and juicy pomelo mingle with wild agave, cyclamen flowers, and sandalwood cream to invigorate and intrigue. 
  • Shea Indulgence Shea Butter Treatment: Luxuriate in bliss as exotic tiare flower, silky shea butter, coconut milk, and warm vanilla soothe and rejuvenate. 

Scoop up this collection and be guaranteed an invite back next year.

Check out this delicious collection at CVS or online

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