Style Savers: Creating a Smooth Look While Layering

If you are having trouble escaping the cold, then trust our fast fashion tip: layers.  Bundling up in tanks, thermals, sweaters and scarves helps you regulate your internal thermometer, but have you ever noticed that the added volume accentuates your sleevage? Sleevage {pronounced: slee-vij} is the unsightly bulge between your bra and your underarm that totally ruins any attempt to look sleek.

Before you get upset that now we ladies have one more thing to criticize our bodies about, just remember that EVERYONE has it, even Halle Berry cannot escape unscathed.  For the rest of us dealing with this fashion faux-pas, body clinging shape wear only heightens the problem, so many have asked us: what can we do? Some people can get away with a temporary fix of loosening their bra band to stop the spillage, but we’ve decided that the only acceptable permanent style solution is changing your bra.

We took to the racks of our local intimates department to see how to transform our ta-tas, check out our favorite finds:

This bra is designed to smooth and support your finest features.  The secret weapon is the elastic-free sides and back that create a sleek look under clothes.  For an added bonus, we like that the 2-ply underwire cups offers a comfort level that makes it an easy wear under everything from chunky cable-knit sweaters to clingy loungewear.

Become empowered to take the girls out for a night on the town without fearing that your jiblets will be exposed.  This bra hides that unwanted extra underarm bulge by eliminating the elastic from the band and fortifying the cups to contain all of your lovely lady lumps.  Warner’s cranked up the coverage to increase your confidence in all types of tops and sleeveless dresses…now someone send one to our girl Halle.

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