What to include in Your Fashion Week Survival Kit

Fashion Week is a physically and emotionally taxing time, but trust these tiny tricks to help you survive the shows in style.

A friend recently introduced us to EV by 32 Effervescent Breath Treatment with IsoVoxy ($30) - a refreshingly fresh take on breath maintenance.  These portable packets help you avoid becoming the person that everyone else is avoiding because of ranky coffee breath. These powerful Pop Rocks-style breath refreshers are easy to slip in your purse for fresh rest on the go. They are designed to actually scatter bad smelling bacteria instead of masking the dreadful odor for an instantly clean feeling mouth.

Don’t even think of entering the tents without an arm party of hair ties.  Withal the running around you need a swift solution to scraggly strands.  We keep our supply stocked with Scunci Knotted Ponytailers ($3) to tie up our loose ends as we jaunt between the shows.  These are the best if like us, you want to style up during the down time, then let loose for the show without creases in your coif.

With all the running around, you may feel like a sweaty mess, but you certainly don’t want to smell like one.  Solve your stankyness problem with Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths.  These refresher cloths instantly cools hot skin on contact and leaves you feeling in control of your internal thermostat.  It is powered by PowderSilk technology that wipes away sweat and leave skin smooth and comfortable.  Now go skirt around between Lincoln Center & MILK Studios without fear of being followed by unforgiving BO.

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