What's the perfect personalized shower (or bach) gift

Are you the HBIC (head-bridesmaid-in-charge) spearheading an unforgettable bachelorette weekend? Or maybe you're the Mother-eff’ing MOH with your darling daughter's bridal shower on the horizon. At big lifecycle occasions, ladies like to celebrate with keepsake gifts, but most of the time these labors of love end up in the trash. That is until COUTURE by Nails Inc. - this premium polish brand combines individuality, fashion and luxury to become the perfect glamorous keepsake. 

Available exclusively online, you can customize your favorite shade, then cap your choice with a range of crystal or studded tops to create a unique combination that reflects your glamorous guest of honor. Then the best part, you name the shade! Nails Inc. lets you choose your own name that is 100% personal. The finished polish is packaged in an adorable gift box that can decorate a place settings or gifted as a thank you gift for an incredible bachelorette bash.

Come wedding day everybody can wear the same celebratory shade.

At $20 a pop you can't afford to miss this opportunity.  For more info, visit

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