Stop 'N Chat Conversation Savers

The weather is finally thawing, and with the warming temperatures New Yorkers are finding their social relationships heating up. Finally we are venturing outside for boozy brunches, or Sunday strolls in the sunshine, but this leaves you vulnerable to the inevitable, spontaneous stop ‘n chat with long, lost friends you haven’t seen since before the winter hibernation.

Regardless of how you actually feel about these unexpected run-ins, make a favorable impression with these three conversation savers:

Multitasking Mouth 
Maximize the chances that something appealing comes out of your mouth by ensuring that your breath is fresh. There are a few things as offputting as stale breath, so prepare yourself with an instant breath refresher. We love EV by 32 Effervescent Breath Treatment with IsoVoxy ($30) because it immediately kills bad breath, and then binds to your mouth tissue rendering smelly gasses and other bad breath odorless for four hours. Plus, they create a creative point of conversation. These handy hygiene packets contain tiny crystals that react to your saliva like Pop Rocks! giving you a fun throwback and lots to chat about.

Polished Pucker
Regularly apply a pigmented lip treatment that nourishes this delicate oral area while providing a tinge of tint. Glossing up your grin not only draws attention to the fact you are smiling – which makes both you and your conversant feel more welcomed and comfortable – but shows you pay attention to details. By demonstrating you care about yourself, you are letting others know you are capable to care about them, subconsciously warming up their perception of interaction. We enjoy Jouer Cosmetics Lip Enhance because it nourishes and conditions lips without leaving behind a sticky, messy residue. Plus it comes in 7 shades, so there’s sure to be a hue for you.

Limited Eye Contact
No easier way to circumvent awkward interactions than by minimizing eye contact. Maintain a polite fa├žade with classic Wayfarers by Ray-Ban. The trick to feigning familiarity is to look in the direction of your acquaintance as you scroll through your mental contact list to figure out, how do I actually know this dullard?

While we can’t promise a life changing conversation, if you follow this advice you can achieve the upper hand, and make a flawless impression that they won’t soon forget.

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