How to Achieve Beautiful, Healthy Hair Inspired by Nature

April is the month to celebrate the environment and nature in all its beauty.  Nature serves as an inspiration for countless artistic works, and when using nature to enhance natural beauty, the results are breathtaking. 

We were intrigued to learn that Matrix’s Biolage brand is taking inspiration from nature, and developed an innovative new technology called BioMatch.  This scientific advancement contains four new lines that each mimic environmental benefits to solve all-too-common hair challenges. 

Whether your hair is frizzy, dry, limp or colored with pigment that fades too soon, this new collection has natured-inspired solutions for all types of haircare concerns.

Have you ever wondered why colored orchids never seem to fade, but your freshly dyed hair does…why?  Turns out, naturally occurring plant pigments – known as flavonoids – filter out UV rays that oxidize color, causing it to lose vibrancy.  Biolage COLORLAST solution helps hair recreates these pigment protectors to naturally prolong your vibrant salon dye-job.

Another issue is that coarse, frizzy hair is one of the fastest textures to be affected by moisture.  During this rainy month, it’s essential to protect and insulate strands and seal out moisture.  Biolage’s powerful SMOOTHPROOF ingredient provides humidity control by encapsulating the cuticle to protect the natural moisture levels in each strand.  That means less frizz for an easier to manage mane.

Next up: dry, dehydrated hair that constantly needs moisture. Nourish hair with HYDRASOURCE, a moisture locking ingredient that traps and stores moisture for 15x more hydration after a single use. It mimics the aloe plants ability to absorb and retain moisture.  We especially like this line because your hair will look healthy and nourished, and never greasy.

For those with limp, lifeless hair, it’s time to think about the expanding cotton flower.  This plant never falls flat – a natural eco-defense due to internal elastic tensile fibers that fill the interior of the plant for long-lasting shape.  Sound like a fast fix for your follicles? The VOLUMEBLOOM ingredient produces long-lasting, bouncy volume for up to 70% more volume after one application.

An added bonus: these products are lightly fragranced with a deliciously clean scent that will have people stopping you to comment on how great your hair smells.

For more information check out Matrix.com

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