Arch Rivals – Take Your Brows from Boring to Soaring

Nothing makes a more dramatic impact than lifting a perfectly plucked eyebrow. You can speak volumes without ever opening your mouth.  As with every dramatic performance, most of the impact happens behind the scenes. When it comes to your brows, the magic happens in front of the makeup mirror.

The trick for full, flawless brows is to let the individual follicles grow in, then gently tweeze away strays, and fill in any gaps with a matching pencil.  We are giddy over the latest brow collection from It Cosmetics.  They just introduced a new line of Brow Power Super Skinny Universal Waterproof Brow Pencils ($24).  This innovation was created with plastic surgeons and infused with brow-enhancing biotin, collagen, peptides and antioxidants.

It’s an incredibly addictive addition to your daily makeup regimen. The pencil tip is 1.4 mm – mimicking the width of real brow hair – allowing for precise shaping and seamless blending. The innovative formula comes in 7 transforming shades and easily builds thick powerful arches.

Get ready to get noticed and make a statement without uttering a word.

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