How to Fake A Korean Semester Abroad for Your Skin

A healthy, dewy glow is synonymous with the Korean Beauty trend. This practice of a clear, radiant complexion is marked with ancient secrets and insider tricks. We caught up with Charlotte Cho, author of the Little Book of Skin Care to learn how to unlock the ageless secrets for flawless Korean skin.

The Top 5 Tips Found in the Little Book of Skin Care
  • The importance of a double cleanse
  • Exfoliate everywhere, not just the face
  • A decadent pampering routine should begin at home
  • Know your skin type before selecting your skincare lineup
  • The “no-makeup makeup” look is an easy way to achieve radiant skin without looking overdone

To help her loyal fanbase select the right products, she also launched Soko Glam, a thoughtfully curated lifestyle and Korean beauty e-commerce destination. You can get the best of the East without bucking over hundreds for a plane ticket. This site provides a personal approach to skincare and offers tutorials, tips and recommendations at all price levels.

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