How to Fake Stylish Hair (even if you haven't shampoo'd in 5 days)

The secret to dressing up your tresses has nothing to do with endless hours with product and T3 Tourmaline Straightener, rather a sweet little band of This stylish secret weapon has been sported by A-Listers Zooey Deschanel to Lea Michele and is an easy way to add some glamour to even the most dull of 'dos.

My favorite is B, perfect for plan b, when you are running 15 minutes late, no time to shower, and must show up looking perfectly posh.

Insider tip: if you don't want to shell out $35 for this vintage style accessory, then clip a brooch to an existing headband for an instant pick-me-up.

So whatever you decide, stick to's motto: love’s fashion
dare to be adorable
candy for your hair

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