How to Find Fall Beauty Inspiration

Have you ever walked through the maze of makeup counters at any department store, and felt inspired by the amazing array of colors?  Have you found yourself lost in thought asking, where will you wear them, and who will you meet, or how will your life be affected by your makeup decisions?

For too long we wondered the same things, so we connected with Dick Page, artistic director for Shiseido, and learned about the latest Shiseido Makeup Shimmering Cream Eye Color collection ($25 at shiseido.com) and his inspirations when developing the line.
When it comes to Page, beauty is literal.  For example, when he was developing the caviar shade in the line, he actually bought several tins of caviar, dished them out into his bathtub, then covered it in oil to find the perfect hue to match his vision.

The collection was inspired by his photography and travels around the globe.  No matter if you are spending an afternoon lounging in a sprawling meadow or watching a purple dawn after a night of partying with your college pals - in this line, there is something for everyone.

When it comes to cream eye color, Page finds these shadows to be the best and believes, “it’s about finding the perfect balance of texture, beauty and fun in color.”

The shadows glide over eyelids creating a luxurious and deeply pigmented look in an instant.  The smooth, blendable shades boast stunning all day long benefits, thanks to the unique combination of technologies including:
  • Jewel Reflecting Powder
  • Smooth Fit Base
  • Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE
It sounded impressive to us too, so we put them to the test.  

First we set the Cream Eye Color in Meadow as the base coat.  
Next, we applied the Caviar shade along the upper lash line, using a heavier line towards the end of the eye.  
Then, we used Angel over the top of the lid and blended upwards into the crease.   
We found there was no need to apply a primer or powder shadow on top, as the eye color delivered a strong definition with maximum performance as well rich luminosity and lasting brilliance. Check out the final effect (pictured right).
Click on the video link to watch Dick Page’s love affair with New York City.  From his local book shop, to his fave food hot spots, to his record collection, see where this celebrity makeup artist goes to find beauty inspiration in everyday life:

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