How to Avoid Halloween Horrors

Halloween is on Monday, and now that you have resolved the crisis that the ears from your “scary cat” costume are missing, it is time to focus some attention on the big weekend.  

Naturally, this is a great opportunity to buy enormous packages of candy under the guise of supporting the local trick-or-treaters, but let’s be honest, you are going to gorge it all before the first doorbell rings. (Note, in this situation, do not try your mistake by distributing pennies – this will only come back to haunt you next mischief night.)  

Anyway, we wanted to give you some tips for a safe Halloween – for your waistline, wallet and immune system:  

1. Trick Your Treats: Indulge this Halloween season, binge-free.

  • Keep the sweets in a dark container, out of reach.
  • Savor, don't stop completely.
  • Scoop a small handful of candy corn and put the rest away.
  • Got gum?
  • Last but not least: eat your favorite candy last! 

2. Spookify Everyday Makeup: don’t break the bank
Use your everyday red lipstick to create blood for a sexy vampire costume

Add a shimmery shadow to add an ethereal element to a fairy costume.

3. Scare Germs Away: kids are germy and gross
Fight back with Anti-BacterialPocketBac® Sanitizing Hand Gel (
$1.50 each at– Gumball, Sour Drop, Black Cherry, Monster Mint. Leave one of these fun bottles next to your door and disinfect after each petry dish of infection (aka kids) leaves your stoop.
  • Natural ingredients and powerful germ killers get hands clean and lightly scented, wherever you go.
  • Tahitian Palm Milk leaves hands feeling conditioned
  • Kills germs without water

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Rosie said...

Love the BBW Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizers! I have Sour Drop in my bag right now!